Perpetual Daughters

OLPH Spaghetti Dinner...A Total Success in So Many Ways!


First and foremost, on behalf of the Perpetual Daughters Women’s Club, we want to thank our good and gracious God, who provided unceasingly all of the hardworking people, the dedicated patrons and the great weather to make possible our day of day of fellowship and camaraderie. The memories we all made that day far outweigh the value of the profits made. Amazingly, we did clear well over $6000 in profit which will be given to the Church, but there were added blessings evidenced all through out that week for our Church community. We had young children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents numbering over 100 who worked together throughout the week before, and the day of, for a common goal-to provide a delicious meal to those who supported our fundraiser. One could feel the genuine comfort, hear the contagious laughter and sense the warm closeness that was bonding each of us as member of the Body of Christ, as we volunteered our time, energy and efforts that day. Besides the workers, there were many parishioners who anonymously donated many food items and monetary contributions, as well as cakes and pop to help pay for 75% of the cost of the dinner before the first meal was served. To those generous individuals, we shout out a sincere “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts. May god bless each and everyone how helped to make this fundraiser a success!


Shields, President